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International SIM

Includes: a GO-SIM international SIM card with US$10 preloaded airtime

Ideal for any cost conscious traveller, the GO-SIM Starter Pack lets you stay in touch for less. It's the international SIM card that doesn't stop giving!

Fit this international SIM card into your mobile phone and you can stay in touch in over 195 countries world wide, and in all major tourist destinations receive calls for FREE.

How it works:

Got an iPhone, iPad - Standard, Micro & nano SIMs available

  • Credit: $10 USD included
  • Make calls: from 12p or 15c/min
  • Receive calls: FREE in all major tourist destinations
  • No connection fee
  • Send text messages: from 10p or 15c
  • Receive text messages: FREE (on the +44 Number)
  • Coverage on over 150 Cruise Ships
  • Prepaid Data: from 20p or 35c/MB in 175 Countries
  • Get up to 200% more Data with Data Bundles
  • Comes with a British Isles (Global) +44 & US +1 phone number
  • Excellent coverage in over 195 countries

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Talk longer for less

Being able to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends when you're abroad is really important, but the nasty phone bill waiting for you at home often isn't. Which is why choosing a GO-SIM global sim card makes so much sense.

Great call rates mean saving you up to 85% off international calls in over 195 countries. Which means you can talk longer for less. In fact you can talk six times longer than you would with a standard network provider. What's more, with GO-SIM, you don't pay roaming charges in major tourist destinations, so you won't be charged if someone calls or texts you on your Global number either.

Need help?

Interested in buying, but just need to clear up the facts? Why not ask an expert? Send an email and our team of experts will get back to you with advice, more information or just reassurance that you are buying the right product.

Or, call one of our toll free numbers and speak to one of our Customer Service team who are available 24 hours each day.

Data bundles - get up to 200% more credit

Data Bundles provide you with a separate credit balance which is used for surfing the web, emailing, streaming music and videos and all other kinds of data usage on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What's more, because you're buying more credit upfront our Data Bundles provide you with up to 200% additional bonus credit. See the table below for details.

Bundle nameYou PayYou GetBonus Value
Lite Data Bundle $50 $65 30% extra credit
Medium Data Bundle $70 $140 100% extra credit
Heavy Data Bundle $120 $360 200% extra credit

Data bundles can be used in any of the following countries:

Albania, Algeria, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus (North), Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Montserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Turks & Caicos, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe

Expiry terms

Data bundles expire 30 days from activation. See activation details below.

Activating your bundle

You will need to activate the bundle shortly before you depart for your trip, or upon arrival. If you do not activate the bundle, it will not work and any data usage will utlise your standard credit balance.

To Activate your bundle, simply sign in to your account at rechargeminutes.com and click 'Activate Data Bundle' on your account details page. Alternatively, you can dial 177 from your mobile when using our mobile service.

7-day money back guarantee

We're so confident that you'll be happy with your new GO-SIM Global SIM card, we're offering a money back guarantee.

If you're in any way dissatisfied and wish to cancel your Global SIM service, you can contact the GO-SIM support team within 7 days of receipt and request a refund. We'll then give you a returns number and when your SIM card arrives back with us we'll credit your account with the original cost price of the SIM card. All we'll charge you for are any calls made from the inclusive airtime credit - it's that simple! If any additional credit that has been purchased, but not used, we will be happy to credit you for this too.

Protect your Global SIM card for life

Losing your SIM card is bad enough at any time but if you are far from home it can become much more than an inconvenience.

You bought your Global SIM so that you can stay in touch, stay safe and save money. So what happens if you leave it in the taxi from the airport?

For a single payment, we can give you peace of mind for the life of your SIM account with GO-SIM. So, if your Global SIM card is lost, damaged or stolen, we will get you a replacement fast!

Terms of Use

SIM and credit expiry terms

For full Service Life and Expiry details, see here.

Data billing

The minimum charge is for 1MB and further usage is charged in increments of 1MB.